Efficiency and Innovation

Since 1972, the introduction of German and Japan made manufacturing equipment combining with our top technical skills have made us the leading metal printing provider in the industry. We provide high quality metal printing products for social contribution.


We provide services on product design, proofing, and correction.

Auto-Proofing Machine

This is a process before formal proofing,which enables us to provide our clients digital and metal proof for design correction and confirmation.

Plate Making

Computer-to-plate (CTP): This modern technology is used to make printing plates.


We imported Fuji PRIMEX 452 two-color high speed and precision printing machine, made in Japan.

Pursuing Excellence

We recruit excellent co-workers, adopt standard setting for our facilities used for management process, both hardware and software, are up-to-date and advanced.All staff members make efforts to achieve high efficiency and flawless pieces of work.